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Variable and Constant Macro Index: F – H

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Index Entry Section

F_DUPFD13.12 Duplicating Descriptors
F_GETFD13.13 File Descriptor Flags
F_GETFL13.14.4 Getting and Setting File Status Flags
F_GETLK13.15 File Locks
F_GETOWN13.16 Interrupt-Driven Input
F_OK14.9.8 Testing Permission to Access a File
F_RDLCK13.15 File Locks
F_SETFD13.13 File Descriptor Flags
F_SETFL13.14.4 Getting and Setting File Status Flags
F_SETLK13.15 File Locks
F_SETLKW13.15 File Locks
F_SETOWN13.16 Interrupt-Driven Input
F_UNLCK13.15 File Locks
F_WRLCK13.15 File Locks
FD_CLOEXEC13.13 File Descriptor Flags
FD_SETSIZE13.8 Waiting for Input or Output
FE_DFL_ENV20.7 Floating-Point Control Functions
FE_DIVBYZERO20.5.3 Examining the FPU status word
FE_DOWNWARD20.6 Rounding Modes
FE_INEXACT20.5.3 Examining the FPU status word
FE_INVALID20.5.3 Examining the FPU status word
FE_NOMASK_ENV20.7 Floating-Point Control Functions
FE_OVERFLOW20.5.3 Examining the FPU status word
FE_TONEAREST20.6 Rounding Modes
FE_TOWARDZERO20.6 Rounding Modes
FE_UNDERFLOW20.5.3 Examining the FPU status word
FE_UPWARD20.6 Rounding Modes
FILENAME_MAX31.6 Limits on File System Capacity
FLT_DIGA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLT_EPSILONA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLT_MANT_DIGA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLT_MAXA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLT_MAX_10_EXPA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLT_MAX_EXPA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLT_MINA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLT_MIN_10_EXPA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLT_MIN_EXPA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLT_RADIXA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLT_ROUNDSA.5.3.2 Floating Point Parameters
FLUSHO17.4.7 Local Modes
FOPEN_MAX12.3 Opening Streams
FP_FAST_FMA20.8.7 Miscellaneous FP arithmetic functions
FP_ILOGB019.4 Exponentiation and Logarithms
FP_ILOGBNAN19.4 Exponentiation and Logarithms
FP_INFINITE20.4 Floating-Point Number Classification Functions
FP_NAN20.4 Floating-Point Number Classification Functions
FP_NORMAL20.4 Floating-Point Number Classification Functions
FP_SUBNORMAL20.4 Floating-Point Number Classification Functions
FP_ZERO20.4 Floating-Point Number Classification Functions
FPE_DECOVF_TRAP24.2.1 Program Error Signals
FPE_FLTDIV_TRAP24.2.1 Program Error Signals
FPE_FLTOVF_TRAP24.2.1 Program Error Signals
FPE_FLTUND_TRAP24.2.1 Program Error Signals
FPE_INTDIV_TRAP24.2.1 Program Error Signals
FPE_INTOVF_TRAP24.2.1 Program Error Signals
FPE_SUBRNG_TRAP24.2.1 Program Error Signals
FRAC_DIGITS7.6.2 Pinpoint Access to Locale Data
FSETLOCKING_BYCALLER12.5 Streams and Threads
FSETLOCKING_INTERNAL12.5 Streams and Threads
FSETLOCKING_QUERY12.5 Streams and Threads
FSTAB30.3.1 Mount Information
FSTAB_RO30.3.1.1 The ‘fstab’ file
FSTAB_RQ30.3.1.1 The ‘fstab’ file
FSTAB_RW30.3.1.1 The ‘fstab’ file
FSTAB_SW30.3.1.1 The ‘fstab’ file
FSTAB_XX30.3.1.1 The ‘fstab’ file
FTW_ACTIONRETVAL14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_CHDIR14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_D14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_DEPTH14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_DNR14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_DP14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_F14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_MOUNT14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_NS14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_PHYS14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_SL14.3 Working with Directory Trees
FTW_SLN14.3 Working with Directory Trees

getdate_err21.4.6.2 A More User-friendly Way to Parse Times and Dates
GLOB_ABORTED10.2.1 Calling glob
GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC10.2.3 More Flags for Globbing
GLOB_APPEND10.2.2 Flags for Globbing
GLOB_BRACE10.2.3 More Flags for Globbing
GLOB_DOOFFS10.2.2 Flags for Globbing
GLOB_ERR10.2.2 Flags for Globbing
GLOB_MAGCHAR10.2.3 More Flags for Globbing
GLOB_MARK10.2.2 Flags for Globbing
GLOB_NOCHECK10.2.2 Flags for Globbing
GLOB_NOESCAPE10.2.2 Flags for Globbing
GLOB_NOMAGIC10.2.3 More Flags for Globbing
GLOB_NOMATCH10.2.1 Calling glob
GLOB_NOSORT10.2.2 Flags for Globbing
GLOB_NOSPACE10.2.1 Calling glob
GLOB_ONLYDIR10.2.3 More Flags for Globbing
GLOB_PERIOD10.2.3 More Flags for Globbing
GLOB_TILDE10.2.3 More Flags for Globbing
GLOB_TILDE_CHECK10.2.3 More Flags for Globbing
group28.1 NSS Basics
GROUPING7.6.2 Pinpoint Access to Locale Data

h_errno16.6.2.4 Host Names
HOST_NOT_FOUND16.6.2.4 Host Names
hosts28.1 NSS Basics
HUGE_VAL20.5.4 Error Reporting by Mathematical Functions
HUGE_VALF20.5.4 Error Reporting by Mathematical Functions
HUGE_VALL20.5.4 Error Reporting by Mathematical Functions
HUPCL17.4.6 Control Modes

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