depto fisica

 Topics in Neuroscience

Physics Department, FCEyN, University of Buenos Aires.
September 10th-12th, 2008.

The goal of this event is to discuss topics in Neurocience
from a wide perspective, going from neural coding to
neuronal modeling of biological systems, covering many
of the relevant scales in Neuroscience. This is an open meeting
and we encourage all  interested people to assist to this event.

Invited speakers:

The talks are scheduled as 30' +15' for discussions

Place: The meeting will take place in the Federman Room, in 1st floor, Physics Department, Pab.I, Ciudad Universitaria.


Tentative Meeting schedule.
Physics Dept., FCEyN, UBA.


People from all the scientific spectrum is welcome. 
For a better organization, we kindly ask the assistants to email either of us:


Pablo Balenzuela:
Marcos Trevisan: